ASHLine Monthly Update January 2010

ASHLine Monthly Update
January 2010

Greetings! Happy New Year! ASHLine staff are greeting the new year with enthusiasm as we prepare to assist increased numbers of smokers quit. The new year is a popular time to make health-related resolutions and quitting smoking is at the top of many people’s lists. ASHLine and the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease want to make sure that Arizonans know about the resources available to help them succeed. To help get the word out about Arizona’s highly successful cessation programs the “Dear Me” ad campaign was launched in the last week of December 2009. Viewers will hear letters read by real tobacco users stating their reasons for quitting. You can watch the ads and see the stories behind the letters at

US Public Health Service Guidelines state that receiving behavioral support and using quit tobacco medication is the best indicator of success in quitting. Anyone who is willing to make a quit attempt can be referred to ASHLine to work with a coach, try our online treatment program, or receive medication assistance and self-help materials. Together, you and ASHLine can help your tobacco using clients be successful in quitting!

Cheers –

Shannon Vaffis, MPH ASHLine Outreach and Referral Manager

In This Issue

Banner Good Samaritan’s Family Learning Center Helping Employees, Patients, and Community be Tobacco Free

Top 10 Referring Healthcare Professionals, Locations, and Systems for December 2009

 Banner Good Samaritan’s Family Learning Center Helping Employees, Patients and Community be Tobacco Free

On January 1, 2010 all Banner Health Care facilities became smoke-free campuses. Terry Ratner, RN Health Educator, from Banner Good Samaritan’s Family Learning Center led the way in helping her site become a tobacco free facility. Terry implemented the ASHline referral program at the Learning Center and created a two month tobacco cessation “information station” at the entrance of the Learning Center. During those two months, Terry and her staff of volunteers manned the information station and referred over 90 individuals to the quitline! Employees, patients, and patient’s family members visiting the hospital stopped by the Learning Center to inquire about quitting tobacco and many were interested in being referred to ASHLine for tobacco cessation coaching. Terry was the top referring individual with 62 referrals for the month of November and 40 referrals for the month of December. “The most exciting aspect for me was to see employees who after years of smoking came to seek out information and desired to quit! After being referred to ASHLine, employees shared with me that they found the coaching and medication assistance very helpful.” Currently, Terry is working with ASHLine to implement a referral process in which the hospital medical staff can refer their patients and their families to the Learning Center where a brief intervention and referral to ASHLine during their stay at Banner Good Samaritan can get them on the road to becoming tobacco free.

Top 10 Referring Healthcare Professionals, Locations, and Systems for December 2009

Top 10 by Individual

Name (number of referrals)

1. Terry Ratner (40)

 2. Mark Johnson (21)

2. Megan Steele (21)

3. J. Rick Morgan (20)

4. James Lawrence (13)

5. Miriam Herrera-Jimenez (11)

6. Gladys Cedillos (9)

6. Joanne Sorenson (9)

7. G. Venati (8)

8. Janet Guthrie (8)

9. Chris Kowalski (7)

 9. Kanokrat Suksompoth (7)

9. Julie Kline (7)

9. Kelly Brewer (7)

9. Valori Cable (7)

10. David Henderson (6)

10. Diana Rauckman (6)

10. Janet Cuthrie (6)

 10. Michael Birgel (6)

Top 10 by Location Name (number of referrals)

1. Banner Good Samaritan – Family Learning Center (54)

2. Phoenix Baptist Hospital (39)

3. Chandler Regional Hospital (31)

4. Mercy Gilbert Medical Center (29)

5. Tucson Medical Center (27)

6. Fox Creek Urgent Care (25)

7. Maricopa County WIC – Glendale (21)

7. Luke Air Force Base (21)

8. Marana Health Center (19)

9. Havasu Regional Medical Center (17)

10. Oro Valley Hospital (16)

Top 10 by System Name (number of referrals)

1. Banner Health (84)

2. Catholic Healthcare West (60)

3. Community Health Systems (45)

4. Carondelet Healthcare (43)

5. El Rio Community Health Center (41)

6. Tucson Medical Center (27)

7. Maricopa County WIC (24)

7. North Country Community Health Center (18)

8. University Physicians Healthcare (17)

9. Arizona Medical Services (10)

10. Southern Arizona VA (9)

*Check your referral reports online at! Contact your Regional Outreach Coordinator to get started!*

ASHLine is proud to work with our caring and enthusiastic community partners. Please contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas regarding our coaching services or the QuitFax program.


Shannon Vaffis, MPH Outreach and Referral Manager,
Southern AZ Outreach Coordinator
520.318.7212 x208
Connie Diaz, MPH Central AZ Outreach Coordinator
520.318.7212 x541
 Sara Pinson, RD Northern AZ Outreach Coordinator
520.318.7212 x542
Sabrina Douglas, Southern AZ Outreach Coordinator
 520.318.7212 x221

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