Wayne Tormala to Appear on KXXT to Discuss Chronic Disease Treatment

Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease Chief, Wayne Tormala will be a guest on the Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation’s radio show Thursday Jan. 28 at 10:00am on KXXT-AM (1010). Mr. Tormala will join Phoenix District 8 City Councilman Michael Johnson who recently announced he is battling prostate cancer. Mr. Tormala’s focus will be on the broader scope and importance of regular checkups for all forms of chronic disease and the multitude of treatment options available. Please see below for an article on Councilman Johnson’s announcement and appearance on tomorrow’s show.

AZCentral.com PHX Beat article:
Johnson Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

Phoenix Councilman Michael Johnson was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, the Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation said in a news release Monday. The release said Johnson will discuss his diagnosis at 10 a.m. Thursday on the foundation’s radio show on KXXT 1010 AM. The interview also can be streamed live at http://www.familyvaluesradio.net/. Johnson could not immediately be reached for comment and it’s unclear if he’ll take any time off from city duties. But the foundation’s executive director, Fred Taylor, said the councilman’s cancer was detected early enough that he will have a number of treatment options available to him. They include radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

Taylor lauded Johnson for sharing his personal battle with cancer. “Rarely do we ever get elected officials to step forward (and discuss these issues). It sets the tone for other men to say, ‘Hey, let’s come up out of the shadows and step up to the plate,'” Taylor said. “Men get hung up on that macho thing,” added Taylor, himself a prostate cancer survivor. “But it’s not a death sign if you get diagnosed.”

The Glendale-based foundation recommends men over 40 get screened for prostate cancer on an annual basis. That can include a prostate specific antigen blood test, also known as a PSA test, or a digital rectal exam. More information is at http://www.sw-prostatecancer.com/.
— Scott Wong

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