World No Tobacco Day Focuses on Women and Tobacco

May 26, 2010

In Arizona, Men Smoke More! ASHLine Offers Free Help to Quit.

While this year’s World Health Organization’s annual World No Tobacco Day is focusing its attention on how the tobacco companies are marketing tobacco products to women, officials say the majority of Arizona’s smokers are men.

In Arizona about 14% of women smoke compared to 18% of men according the Arizona Department of Health Services. Nationally, it’s about the same.

“It’s good to remind people of national recognition days like World No Tobacco Day,” said Arizona Smokers’ Helpline Director Stephen Michael.  “It brings attention to the issue. And we actually do have more women that call the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline than men. However, we are focusing our marketing efforts toward men, specifically men in their 30s and 40s, as they are the majority of Arizona’s smokers.”

Beginning in May, the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline began airing new commercials in programming men watch, like sports and the news. The commercials have a direct and immediate call to action. “This approach is appealing to men,” Michael says. “It’s direct and to the point. No mushy stuff trying to get guys all emotional about quitting. It’s just when you are ready, here’s the number. Call!” Read the rest of this entry »

Wayne Tormala to be a guest on Men’s Health Talk Program

May 26, 2010

This week’s topic will be Arizona’s successful comprehensive tobacco prevention program ranked # 7 in the nation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Over 16 million was saved in hospital cost in 2009.This week’s topic will be Arizona’s successful comprehensive tobacco prevention program ranked # 7 in the nation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Over 16 million was saved in hospital cost in 2009.

Special guests & presenters. 
*Mr. Wayne Tormala; Ms. Connie Dias, Harmony Duport, Dr. Tursha’ Hamilton, NMD, Dr. Robert Gear, NMD and Fred Taylor Executive Director SWPCF

What:                        Men’s Health Talk Program
When:                       Thursday, May 27, 2010
Time:                         10:00 AM to 11: 00 (NEW TIME FORMAT)
Where:                      Radio Station – KXXT 1010 AM

Listen Online: (click left side of menu)
Call-in Number: 602.296.3632 Read the rest of this entry »

Impact of Smoke-Free Arizona on Hospital Admissions

May 14, 2010

Patricia M. Herman, ND, PhD, and Michele E. Walsh, PhD, both of the Research, Evaluation, and Development Unit in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona have prepared a paper for the American Journal of Public Health looking at the impact of Smoke-Free Arizona on hospital admissions in the state, with associated cost savings.

The full title is: “Hospital Admissions for Acute Myocardial Infarction, Angina, Stroke and Asthma after Implementation of Arizona’s Comprehensive State Smoke Ban.” Please visit this link to for more details and to read the paper. 

Video Challenge and T-Shirt Contest build toward Youth Premiere Event

May 14, 2010

The Youth Premiere Event is fastly approaching next month and to help get the youth excited and motivated two contests have been announced are now accepting submissions.

1. Video Challenge – In keeping with the theme of the conference, “Create the Movement: Be a Star,” we are encouraging youth to submit videos in five categories: Comedy, Drama, Action/Suspense, Animated, and Music. Visit for more details, rules etc.

2. T-Shirt Contest – We have asked the youth to design the official Youth Premiere Event t-shirt. We have asked that they be as creative as possible. Submissions can be sent to:

A save-the-date reminder for the Premiere Event and flyers for both contests are available on the TFA website –

Please send this message to any contacts you may have in the schools or any other partners that may have access to youth 14-18 years old. We truly want to see a Statewide representation of youth competing and attending the conference.

The deadline for both contests is World No Tobacco Day on May 31st

For information regarding the Premiere Event or to receive a registration pack, contact Courtney Ward or 602-542-2075.

New ASHLine Ads Debut

May 12, 2010

The Arizona Smokers’ Helpline is launching a new set of advertisements promoting free nicotine replacement thearpies (gum, patch, lozenge & medication) targeting hotspots throughout late Spring and Summer through a cessation media surge strategy. The idea is hit areas where prevalance and eligibility to AHCCCS is high.

While targeting Maricopa County in May, Mohave County in June and Yavapai County in July, ads are likely to reach citzens in some form on a statewide level. The quartet of ads features two English spots and two Spanish spots promoting the ASHLine’s features. This immediate call-to-action has already lead to an increase in calls as the ads debuted yesterday, Tuesday May 11. Read the rest of this entry »

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Makes Reducing Tobacco Use a Priority

May 11, 2010

Nation’s health chief lists preventing and reducing tobacco use as a strategic initiative for her department

“Our goal is for all Americans to live healthier, more prosperous and more productive lives.” 
Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Health & Human Services

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has just announced that preventing and reducing tobacco use is among her top priorities for the Department of Health & Human Services. Initial details can be found at Secretary’s Strategic Initiatives.

While this may seem like an obvious choice to many of us, there are many issues competing for the Secretary’s time and attention. With tobacco still the nation’s top cause of preventable death, the Secretary is steering a smarter, more aggressive path towards a healthier nation and she should be commended for it.

The initiative mentions ideas such as a national media campaign, developing new treatment and intervention programs for high-risk populations, and accelerating research and surveillance activities to determine what works in tobacco prevention and control.

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids asks that you thank Secretary Sebelius for making the reduction of tobacco use a priority in her department.

March TRUST Minutes

May 4, 2010

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