Success no reason to relax

October 24, 2010

Even though smoking rates in Yuma County are the lowest among all counties in Arizona, now is not the time to rest on our laurels in regard to helping people quit in Yuma County, nor anywhere else in our state.

An April report from the American Lung Association and Penn State says that in Arizona, the annual direct costs to the economy attributable to smoking were in excess of $5 billion, including workplace productivity losses of $1.2 billion, premature death losses of $1.9 billion and direct medical expenditures of $1.8 billion.

Whether or not you use tobacco, you are paying for it.

In Yuma there are more women smokers than men; the opposite ratio exists across the rest of the state. This should not be shrugged off and is of concern because we know tobacco use causes a host of diseases, like lung cancer, throat cancer and heart disease. read more…

Wayne Tormala interviewed by Yuma City 73

October 19, 2010

Wayne Tormala was in Yuma on October 7th to award a certificate of achievement to the Yuma County Tobacco Use Prevention Program at a midday press conference for having the lowest smoking prevalence rate among all 15 counties.

Yuma’s smoking prevalence rate is 10%, compared to AZ at 16% and nationally at 20%.

While in town Wayne was interviewed by Dave Nash, host of City Outlook on Yuma City 73. See below for the entire interview. This interview was shown several times a day for nearly two weeks.

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October 18, 2010

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Yuma County TUPP Congratulated!

October 8, 2010

Wayne Tormala presented Gloria Cisneros, Program Coordinator for the Yuma County Tobacco Use Prevention Program, and her staff with a certificate of achievement for their hard work and dedication in making Yuma County a leader in Arizona. Yuma County’s tobacco prevalence rate is 10%, more than half of the National rate of 21% and far below Arizona’s rate of 16%. If Yuma were compared to other States, they would be 2nd behind Utah with the lowest prevalence rate.

BTCD Chief Wayne Tormala thanks Gloria Cisneros, Yuma Co. TUPP, for their hard work.

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Wayne Tormala interviewed by Yuma City 73

October 8, 2010

Bureau of Chronic Disease and Nutrition Chief Wayne Tormala was interviewed this past Thurs. by Dave Nash of Yuma City’s Channel 73. The interview covered Yuma’s low prevalence rate and discussed the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline as a succesful tool in the quitting process.

The interview will air twice a day for 10 days beginning Oct. 15th.

BTCD Chief Wayne Tormala on the set of Yuma 73 as he is interviewed by Dave Nash.

For more information on the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline, visit or call 1-800-55-66-222.

Research shows air pollution possibly linked to diabetes

October 8, 2010

by Sandra Haros/KTAR (October 6th, 2010)

PHOENIX – New research shows a possible link between diabetes and air pollution.

“We have one more thing to be concerned about if you’re at higher risk for diabetes,” says Wayne Tormala with the Arizona Department of Health.

“All diseases increase under bad air. We know that cardiovascular disease and we know that lung diseases and asthma. Findings that diabetes prevalence increases with bad air are new.”

Research out of Children’s Hospital Boston shows people living in areas where air quality levels were near, but still below the acceptable EPA safety limits had more than 20 percent higher diabetes prevalence than those exposed to fewer air pollutants. Read the rest of this entry »

Yuma Channel 77 discusses Yuma’s low smoking rates

October 4, 2010

Yuma County Channel 77 aired, and will continue to air an interview with Gloria Cisneros, Program Coordinator for the Tobacco Use Prevention Program (TUPP) in Yuma County. The short clip discusses Yuma County’s low (10%) prevalence rate.

A press conference will be held Oct. 7 at the Yuma County Health Department to congratulate County officials and specifically the Yuma County TUPP staff for their hard work and dedication to helping prevent tobacco use and the onset of chronic disease. 

See below for a clip now airing on Yuma County Government Channel 77.