Yuma’s Low Smoking Rates

Yuma, AZ Sept 30 –

Yuma County has the least amount of people that smoke in the nation. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services 16% of Arizonans smoke. The rest of the nation is at 20% and Yuma is at an astonishing 10%.

According to health officials at Arizona’s Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease, there are several factors why Yuma has low smoking rates. One being the increase in cigarette prices and also AshLine, which is the Arizona Smokers Help Line. However, the main reason for the low number of smokers is the Yuma Tobacco Use Prevention Program put on by the Yuma County Health Department.

The anti-tobacco program has a number of factors that help Yuman’s succeed at quitting, but health officials say it’s very hands on and that is partially why it’s so successful. Laurie Thomas, the community promotions Manager for The Tobacco and Chronic Disease Bureau says the program in Yuma helps smokers understand what addiction is, why it’s important to not start and It talks about what’s in cigarettes and tobacco and why it’s so dangerous.

State health officials will be visiting Yuma to celebrate it’s low smoking rates. A press briefing will take place Thursday October 7th at 1 P.M. at the Yuma County Public Health Services District Auditorium and anyone can attend.

See below for the KSWT story or visit this link.

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