Yuma County TUPP Congratulated!

Wayne Tormala presented Gloria Cisneros, Program Coordinator for the Yuma County Tobacco Use Prevention Program, and her staff with a certificate of achievement for their hard work and dedication in making Yuma County a leader in Arizona. Yuma County’s tobacco prevalence rate is 10%, more than half of the National rate of 21% and far below Arizona’s rate of 16%. If Yuma were compared to other States, they would be 2nd behind Utah with the lowest prevalence rate.

BTCD Chief Wayne Tormala thanks Gloria Cisneros, Yuma Co. TUPP, for their hard work.


Certificate of Achievement presented to Yuma County TUPP

In addition a local ex-smoker was featured. Susan, who smoked for nearly 40 years, told of her story to quit. Susan had tried many times to quit using many different techniques (the patch, hypnosis, cassette tapes, cold turkey, medication and the lozenge). All of her attempts we unsuccessful until she saw an ASHLine commercial. She called and was skeptical until she learned the program was free. She has now been smoke-free witht the ASHLine’s help since June 12th and convinced her niece to follow in her footsteps as she has been smoke-free since July 17.

Susan discusses how the ASHLine helped her quit smoking after nearly 40 years.

As part of the press conference, local media was on hand to capture the event. Wayne was interviewed by NPR after the press conference. More information regarding the airing of the interview to come.

BTCD Chief Wayne Tormala interviewed by NPR.

As part of the presentation, Yuma County Tobacco Use Prevention Program staff displayed some of the harms of tobacco. Their display was the focal point of many photos and discussion.

Yuma Co. TUPP's display of the harms of tobacco.

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