This week is the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 18 – many earned media efforts planned

Every year the American Cancer Society sponsors The Great American Smokeout® to encourage tobacco users to quit for the day. This year The Great American Smokeout is Thursday, Nov. 18.  The annual event challenges smokers to start the quit process by joining thousands of other Americans in quitting for the day.

BTCD’s challenge to smoker’s this year is to “Quit for a day – Quit for good!” To promote this event, BTCD and many of their partners throughout the State will be holding events and doing earned media on TV, radio and print.

According to the Director of the Arizona Smoker’s Helpline, Stephen Michael, some people are successful ‘going cold turkey’ but the majority of people stay quit when they have a support system such as the ASHLine.  

The Arizona Smokers’ Helpline offers free telephone quit coaching at 1-800-55-66-222 (English and Spanish) and free online quit coaching services via WebQuit ™ at

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