Prop 203: Arizona Medical Marijuana Act


To help ensure an effective implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, it will be imperative that a strong Administrative Code is developed. To achieve this, we’re hoping that you please check out the new website, review the informal draft rules, and provide us with input so that good decisions can be made.

Here are a few tips for people who would like to provide input:

• Use our comment website so that you can submit electronic comments.

• Tell us what you like about the informal draft rule as well as what you don’t like.

• Encourage constructive comments and pragmatic alternative. It is even better if you are able to submit alternate Rule language.

Remember that the provisions of the Act limit ADHS’ ability to regulate in many ways. For example, the Act gives ADHS broad authority to regulate dispensaries but little authority to regulate caregivers or employer employee relations. Make sure that the Act provides the ADHS with the regulatory authority to act before spending a lot of time submitting comments.

Also, please know that if you aren’t able to comment on this informal draft Rule between now and January 7, there will be additional time to comment in February and March. Note: Governor Brewer signed the Proclamation that makes Proposition 203 law on Tuesday, and so the 120 day implementation period will end on April 13.

Thank you.

Wayne Tormala, Chief
Arizona Department of Health Services
Bureau of Tobacco & Chronic Disease

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