BTCD smokeless tobacco media tour visits Apache, Greenlee and Graham

BTCD Chief Wayne Tormala embarked on a whirlwind media tour of Northeastern Arizona which coincided with Through With Chew week and to visit the counties that have some of the highest rates of smokeless tobacco use.  Wayne met with radio, newspaper and some county staff in three counties: Apache, Greenlee and Graham. Tour stops included Window Rock, Springerville, Clifton and Safford.

Window Rock
Wayne met with the Navajo Times to discuss smokeless tobacco. In addition, he recorded a PSA on KTNN 660AM re: smokeless tobacco. He was joined by Peter Nez of Black Hills who gave a similar message in Navajo. In addition to the media tour, Wayne and Peter met with recently elected Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly.

KTNN 660 AM - Window Rock

(l-r) Peter Nez, President Ben Shelly, Wayne Tormala

Window Rock

In Springerville Wayne had  a round-table discussion with Apache County Health Dept. staff before being interviewed by the White Mountain Independent. Smokeless tobacco trends were the main topic.

Wayne met with Greenlee County Health Dept. staff to discuss smokeless tobacco use in Clifton, Morenci and Duncan.

Greenlee County Courthouse

(l-r) Wayne Tormala, Carren Nicklas, Miguel Montiel, Sabrina Dumas

The last stop provided an opportunity for Wayne and staff from Mt. Graham to be interviewed by the Eastern Arizona Courier.

Wayne Tormala and Toni Williams

All articles and radio recordings will provided on TFA when they are printed or aired. Please stay tuned!

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