Trevor G. Browne Students Say No to Tobacco with on-campus Mural

Artists from Trevor G. Browne's S.P.A.R.K (Students Promoting Advocacy, Respect and Knowledge) Club pose in front of their anti-smoking mural.

The  S.P.A.R.K. (Students Promoting Advocacy, Responsibility, and Knowledge) Club at Trevor G. Browne High School has officially installed their tobacco mural in the administration building at 7402 W Catalina Dr, Phoenix, AZ.  It has a wonderful secondhand smoke message. 

The following is the interpretation by the artists.
“The grayish white clouds represent the chemicals of a cigarette. By smoking we can be a bad role model for our new born children. Looking through the eyes of one individual and seeing the truth behind the smoke being blown off of one’s lips we can seriously damage the life of a young child;  both the child’s dreams and smoke are blown away.  The young child is easily influenced by everything around him, so he is lighting a lighter.  A strong meaning comes to reality that a child’s dreams can turn into ashes if they are influenced to smoke.  In the background is the phrase… “You can’t always control what they do, but you can control what they’re exposed to”.  The cigarette in the right corner represents the process of quitting smoking.  Let’s be a better example for our future.”

Jorge Orozco

The mural hangs in the high school's administration building at 7402 W Catalina Dr in Phoenix

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