73 Percent of Arizona Men are Overweight or Obese

PHOENIX – Nobody likes stepping onto the scale to see the damage from the lack of eating right and exercising daily — and it looks like men in our state haven’t looked in a while. Nearly three out of four men in Arizona are overweight or obese.

Chances are, if you’ve spent any time in downtown Phoenix in the last 40 years or so, you’ve seen this guy.

Ed the ‘Hotdogger’ is serving up some of the finest franks around, and they’re anything but low fat. So what does this veteran food vendor think about the latest report labeling three out of four Arizona men overweight or obese?

“I’m not fat and I eat hot dogs every single day, that’s my diet,” says Eduardo ‘Ed the Hotdogger’ Haramina.

But not all men follow Ed’s workout regimen. The Argentina native wakes up early to walk three miles every morning before work.

Apparently, not enough Arizona men exercise or eat healthy foods, or even go to the doctor, according to Men’s Health magazine.

“If we feel ok we must be ok. If we can get to work, play softball, take the dogs for a walk, just perform in our daily routine we must be ok,” says Wayne Tormala from AZ Dept. of Health Services about the guy psyche.

Tormala has noticed some positive trends in our state, but men’s weight isn’t one of them.

“We cant all be marathon runners… so it’s really what kind of active lifestyle works for you,” says Tormala.

And that active lifestyle is essential, especially if you want to enjoy a super dogger every once in a while.

“You know how life is. You’re always on the move, eating on the streets, most people are eating in fast food restaurants,” says Phoenix resident Jesus Arguelles.

“There’s a fear of failure of caving in, so our call for men is to man up and know what’s going on,” says Tormala.

The good news from the state Health Department — 85,000 men quit smoking in Arizona last year. And Arizona’s male population has the lowest cancer rate in the country.

See video link here.

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