Register for ASHLine’s Health Care Provider’s Webinar Series

Join the ASHLine Referral Development Team in a series of webinars, during the month of August, designed especially to assist our Health Care Partners.

Webinar #1: Are you currently maximizing your billing potential when counseling for tobacco cessation with your patients?  Shannon Vaffis, Assistant Director of ASHLine, will conduct this webinar and review CMS billing and opportunities to bill for tobacco cessation interventions.  Billing for Conversations about Tobacco Use will address how Health Care facilities and CMS billing.

Webinar #2: Are you familiar with Joint Commissions new measures regarding tobacco? In this webinar, we will discuss how ASHLine can assist your facilities in making sure you are meeting your accreditation standards for both health and behavioral health facilities. New Standards in Hospital Accreditation: How ASHLine can Assist Your Facility with Compliance.

Webinar #3: How can you meet your Electronic Health Measures by partnering with ASHLine? This webinar will review Electronic Health Meaningful Use and specifically cover how a relationship with a quitline can assist you in meeting your Core Tobacco Measures.  Meeting Your Electronic Health Record (EHR) Meaningful Use Measure Sets by Partnering with a Tobacco Cessation Quit Line.

To register for these webinars, download the attached PDF registration link below. 

Ashline Webinar SeriesRegistration Information_Final-4

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