ASHLine Helps Arizona Smokers Quit


The Great American Smokeout, the day smokers can use to plan to quit, or actually quit, smoking.

It was Thursday, and here in Arizona smokers have a resource that helps them all the way.

With the internet and social media, quitting isn’t like it used to be.

ASHLine stands for the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline.

The most visible part of it is online.

The University of Arizona College of Public Health runs it.

The ASHLine is a free service that offers everything from coaching to free nicotine gum, patches and lozenges.

You might have heard of it before, but there are some new things it’s adding.

In fact, the ASHLine Facebook page debuted an online app Thursday.

An iPhone app is coming soon.

Plus, a new quit booklet just came out this week.

ASHLine Director Stephen Michael says it’s full of exercises and other activities.

For now, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect from coaching, free aids, and other support by going to the web site, and taking a look at WebQuit.

“WebQuit has activities for where ever you are in the quitting process. Are you ready to quit? maybe you just need some help to stay quit. Where ever you are,WebQuit can help,” says the online host.

ASHLine Director Stephen Michael says when you combine coaching support with other quit smoking aids your chances of actually quitting skyrocket.

Michael says the cold turkey quitting success rate is two to five percent.

Using medications alone, the rate is 11 to 13 percent.

Add coaching to medications and other aids and, he says, the success rate can go as high as 50%.

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