ASHLine Real Quitters II: Behind the Scenes

ASHLine just wrapped on several new TV spots that will be featured in 2012. Four spots have been slated to be finalized for a pre-New Year’s Day launch. The remaining spots will debut throughout 2012. The real quitters used in the shots will be featured on TV, radio, in print and on the web. See below for some of the behind the scenes shots of the production.

Susan in downtown PhoenixB-roll of downtown Phoenix


B-roll footage being shot in Downtown Phoenix

Kane in the park


Kane on the monitors


Peter on the porch


One Response to ASHLine Real Quitters II: Behind the Scenes

  1. Jean. (Ginty) Rapisardi says:

    Peter is my brother and we were all so proud of him! I live on the east coast and we don’t get this. I was just looking through your ads and came across this. Would it be possible for you to send me this picture or any others from the “commercial”. I realize you don’t know me and hope that you are reading this. I was there for Pete’s funeral but never saw the ad on tv, I heard part of the radio ad. I would appreciate anything. Thank you!
    Perer’s sister, Jean Rapisardi

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