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Happy New Year from Today Publications

Happy New Year from Today Publications, we hope your year will be full of happiness and prosperity.

The most common resolutions for the New Year  include:   •    Shaping up or losing weight •    Quitting drinking or drinking less alcohol •    Quitting smoking •    Spending less time with TV or computer   One reason these goals typically top the resolution lists in December  but are forgotten by March is because people try to achieve them alone.   It doesn’t have to be that way this year. The Arizona Department of  Health Services (ADHS) will help you make the changes permanent – and  the help is free of charge!

“A plan and a pal are the keys to making your resolution work,” said  Will Humble, ADHS Director.  “Decide what you want to do and find  someone you can depend on to help you. I do the treadmill every night  with my son.  If I forget or am tired, he’s really good about reminding  me.”

Support is what helped thousands of Arizonans quit using tobacco.  The  Arizona Smokers’ Helpline is one of the most successful programs in the  country, in part because of its flexibility and accessibility.

If people  need a supportive voice, the hotline provides coaching by phone  (800-55-66-222). For those who are more word, text or email-based,  there’s online support. There’s even a new iPhone app to give would-be  quitters the help they need, as well as a Facebook page. Plus, the staff  at ASHLine can tell you about nicotine replacement therapies, and may  be able to help you get a free patch or prescription.

When it comes to shaping up or losing weight, ADHS has lots of web-based  resources. is full of ideas on how to be active with  your family and make good choices about the foods you eat.  discusses the importance of balancing your diet.  The ADHS website has  other tips, as well, like how farmers markets can help you find fresh  fruits and vegetables. If you need help designing a fitness plan that  works for you, ADHS has that too.

For those who have a goal to stop drinking or reduce their consumption  of alcohol in 2012, ADHS can help.  ADHS provides a fact sheet with  helpful information about alcohol use. People also can access substance  abuse programs across the state by calling 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

No matter what your goals are for 2012, you can accomplish them. And we  can help.  Check out the Healthy Living website, which includes  inspiring stories from people at ADHS.

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