New Trust Commissioners Appointed

The Arizona Speaker of the House and President of the Senate approved four new appointments to the TRUST Commission, our statewide advisory group on the use, spending, and tracking of tobacco tax funds used for tobacco and chronic disease programming.  The four new members, each of whom bring tremendous added value to work, are:


Scott Leischow, PhD., is internationally known for his research and training regarding nicotine addiction and cessation practice, is in the process of moving from his position at the University of Arizona as Professor in the Colleges of Medicine & Public Health, and Associate Director at the Arizona Cancer Center, to serve in a research capacity at the Mayo Clinic & Hospitals.  Scott has been a long-time friend and advisor to our work, and brings considerable knowledge and perspective to our work.


Kelly Grose, Senior Vice President of the American Heart Association, brings a strong background of evidence-based programming and public policy development to our work in both tobacco control and chronic disease.  With heart disease still being the #1 cause of death, it is imperative that we ensure a strong sense of knowledge and leadership in this arena.


Edmundo Hidalgo, President and CEO of Chicanos Por La Causa, Inc., brings high level leadership and knowledge regarding the economic and health concerns of Latinos/Latinas, both here in Arizona and along all borderlands.  This fills a critical gap in our efforts to navigate the social and political climates affecting the highest growing population in Arizona.  Edmundo is a long-time friend who is well-known for his abilities to translate “big picture” issues into localized, manageable efforts.


Sharlene Bozack, Chief Government Relations Officer of the American Cancer Society (Cancer Action Network), Great West Division, is another long-time supporter of public health concerns in Arizona, and has been instrumental in several policy developments improving the health of Arizonans who use tobacco.


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