Phoenix Theatre comes to Round Valley and Snowflake

By: Karen Warnick, The Independent

WHITE MOUNTAINS-The “Empower Pack”, a play featuring actors from the Phoenix Theatre, will be making appearances at the Round Valley School District on February 1 and in Snowflake on February 2.

The play is a state-wide tour and sponsored by the Arizona Department of Health. The Phoenix theatre created the musical score and script.

“Empower Pack” features three superheroes from 100 years in the future who realize that decisions by children in the past have created health problems for the generations in the future.

They decide to journey to the past to try to get the message across that eating healthy and staying away from bad habits will help their future world survive.

Along the way they battle the evil ADICTOR character who tries to get kids to become addicted to bad habits such as smoking and alcohol.

The message, says Ben Palmer of the ADHS, is to enlighten children between the ages of eight and eleven that they can make their own decisions concerning their health.


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