Bureau Chief Wayne Tormala Announces Two New Staff Members to BTCD

Greetings to all –

I’m very pleased to announce that two key vacancies in BTCD management have been filled, and in both instances by internal applicants.

Courtney Ward, MPA, has accepted the position of Tobacco Health Program Manager.  In this position, Courtney will provide leadership and oversight of tobacco prevention and cessation efforts, including county and statewide (ASHLine) contracts, community-based and tribal contracts, and youth prevention and coalition efforts. Courtney will also oversee our federally-funded activities related to tobacco health, and work closely with all areas to ensure strong integration and collaboration with both internal and external partners.  In addition to our ongoing work to promote the ASHLine and partner with AHCCCS to ensure that all members have access to nicotine replacement therapies and medications, Courtney will be our lead in developing CMS reimbursements for quitline services, a cessation pilot with the State of California to examine quitline services to Asian/Pacific Islanders in their native languages, and a policy initiative related to tobacco retail licensing.

Miguel Montiel, DSW, has accepted the position of Office Chief, Research & Evaluation.  In this position, Miguel will lead our efforts in developing evaluation and research activities across all areas of the bureau, including the evaluation of both process and outcomes of our contractors, CDC-funded grants, and exploratory or pilot projects.  In addition to supervising our internal evaluation team, Miguel will develop and manage a pool of external contractors that are engaged to provide program-specific duties.  He will also be responsible for providing leadership and technical assistance to partners at the state, local, and community levels, with an emphasis on developing evaluation methods that are best-suited to a diversity of program needs and capacities.

I am excited about the fact that we have provided a boost to our own workforce needs and professional development interests, while at the same time bringing a substantial advancement in our overall capacity to deliver high caliber public health services.

Please join me in welcoming Courtney and Miguel to their new positions.



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