Yuma County Gets Involved on Kick Butts Day

The San Luis Middle School Health Ambassadors group made signs with tobacco facts and stats to place around the entrance of their school.  The youth also placed a tobacco message on their fence in front of school that read “tobacco lies”.  Kids, parents, and college students that were coming into campus could see the messages.


San Luis High School celebrated KBD with their Science Night event at school.  After learning about the negative effects of tobacco, middle and elementary school kids signed a pledge for someone they know that smokes whom they wish would stop smoking.  Youth also passed out dum-dums with tobacco facts. 


Kofa High School Youth Advisors had 3 tables set up under the shade.  1st table had a Smoke-free petition with display of cigarette butts collected at Smucker Park.  The display was also used as a guessing game for youth to play.  2nd table had pig lungs demo and “what’s hiding in a cigarette” chemicals.  3rd table was a banner signing of “What I Would Rather Be Doing Than Smoking” that the students signed.  Also a set up with 50 pairs of shoes representing how many people die due to tobacco related diseases during lunch hour.


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