ADHS Job opportunity- Epidemiologist II (2 openings)

The bureau is currently hiring for 2 epidemiologists.  Read below for an overview  of the position and Click Here for more detailed information about the position.  Apply online at



The Position:  Is responsible for managing, designing and conducting epidemiological studies for the Bureau.  Conducts research, statistical analysis, program evaluation, and epidemiology related to tobacco and chronic disease.  Plans, conducts and publishes results for all research and evaluation activities in each of the Bureau Programs and contributes to reports, publications and data analysis for department-wide initiatives.  Identifies population-based disease burden and risk factor surveillance trends and characteristics; prepares summary reports that include recommendations for prevention and control of chronic diseases.  Consults with local, state, and federal health departments, private organizations and community groups to gather and provide relevant data. Develops reports that impact policy decisions.  Leads the Bureau in evaluation, data analysis, surveillance and other assessment activities.  Directs extensive and complex evaluation efforts including evaluation of social marketing activities, policy change at the community and statewide levels, and outcomes for individual client education programs.  Maintains a close, direct confidential working relationship with the Director of Research and Evaluation in matters of policy.  Conducts joint evaluation and research activities with academic researchers, high-level professional experts from Federal and State agencies, and research and evaluation professionals from private foundations and national voluntary agencies.  Other duties as requested.

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