Wayne Tormala, Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease Chief, on Your Life A to Z discussing Men’s Health Week

June 20, 2012

CBS 5 Coverage of Men’s Health Week

June 20, 2012

Smoking hotline often reveals callers’ drinking issues – KTAR

June 19, 2012


PHOENIX — A new Yale University study found that hotlines to help people quit smoking could also pull double duty to help problem drinkers.

The study looked at alcohol use among almost 90,000 callers to the New York State Smokers Quitline and found nearly one-quarter of callers reported hazardous drinking behavior as well.

Steven Michael heads up the Arizona Smokers Helpline and said there is a strong relationship between alcohol and tobacco. In fact, it’s a reason why people relapse into smoking.

“Somebody relapses and it’s usually when they’re at the bar with their friends. We’re more than happy to say you should look at your drinking and there’s help out there if you want to do that.”

Michael said about 25 percent of the smokers’ hotline callers are dealing with an alcohol/tobacco connection or other issues.

“We have people with alcohol problems, marijuana problems, people with medical conditions. It would be nice if we could deal with multiple conditions and at this point we always have to refer people.”

Jim Cross, Reporter

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Teen Smoking on the Decline in Arizona – KTAR

June 19, 2012


PHOENIX — According to the Arizona Department of Health, Arizona’s teen smoking rate is down by 12 percent in the last couple of years.

Teen smoking rates nationwide have generally stayed the same. Social-media campaigns like the ones from Venomocity and Students Taking a New Direction (STAND) are among the reasons for Arizona’s success.

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June 18, 2012

With regrets, I’m  announcing that Miguel Montiel, DSW, has resigned from his position of Senior Epidemiologist, effective June 30th, 2012.  Miguel and I have been close friends, and occasional colleagues, for the past 37 years, and I want to be among the first to express my wish that he continues to find abundance in his work and life, not the least of which is the enjoyment of his grandchildren!

Key among his duties was the development and supervision of the BTCD Evaluation Team (of which we currently have two vacancies that will hopefully be filled within the next month). Filling these vacancies, along with searching for a replacement for Miguel and continuing our current deliberations on how to maximize the structure and functioning of our overall evaluation efforts, are of the highest priority in our bureau.

Wayne Tormala

Miguel has asked me to pass along his notice of resignation, below:

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Take a Stand 2012 a Success

June 14, 2012

Youth Smoking Prevalence Is Down, Attendees Seek To Build On Momentum

 Over 225 teenagers from all across Arizona converged in a two-day conference this past weekend to announce to big tobacco that they ‘were not gonna take it’ any longer. The conference, dubbed ‘Take a STAND 2012’ allowed youth to share their experiences over the past year and to learn new skills that will help them make an impact in their community. All attendees of the conference are members of Students Taking a New Direction, or STAND.

 Opening speaker Dr. Victor J. DeNoble shared his amazing story of how he was recruited to make tobacco products more heart friendly despite tobacco companies knowing their products were responsible for thousands of heart attacks a year. Building upon his own addiction research he saw how nicotine physically changes the brain. Despite resistance from the tobacco industry on Dr. DeDoble’s addiction research, he managed to solve the tobacco industry’s heart attack problem. Not wanting to admit that they lied to public since the 1950’s, the tobacco company fired him. Taking his sensitive work with him, Dr. DeNoble became a prominent ‘whistleblower’ testifying before congress. This led to many changes that we now see today that have helped us as we continue to reduce initiation and promote cessation.

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Youth Conference Draws Large Crowd to Valley to Discuss Tobacco Awareness Among Teens

June 13, 2012