CDC Continues Tips Campaign and Features New Stories, Health Conditions

Dear Colleague:

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health (OSH) is building on the success of the Tips From Former Smokers campaign by expanding its campaign efforts in 2013. The Tips 2013 campaign will continue to raise awareness of the negative health effects caused by smoking, encourage smokers to quit, and encourage nonsmokers to protect themselves and their families from exposure to secondhand smoke. In March 2013, OSH began running select Tips ads from 2012, including Terrie’s Tip (after 8:00 p.m.), Buerger’s Disease Tip, Roosevelt’s Heart Attack Tip, and Jessica’s Asthma Tip in Spanish.

Tips ads featuring new participants will air Monday, April 1, 2013, through June 23, 2013. The ads include television, radio, billboards, magazines, newspapers, and online in video, display, and mobile formats. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest will help OSH amplify the campaign’s messages more broadly.

The 2013 campaign features additional health conditions (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD], asthma in adults, smoking-related complications in a person with diabetes) and population groups (American Indian/Alaska Native and LGBT communities [lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender]) that were not featured in the first campaign. The ads illustrate the toll that smoking-related illnesses have taken on these individuals’ lives, provide encouragement to quit smoking, and include information on how to access free help.

Please take this opportunity to learn more about the Tips 2013 campaign and the many resources available for your use. We encourage you to share this e-mail and our information and resources with your partners so they can take advantage of the tools and resources, too. We have created materials anyone can use to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke.


CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health


Tips From Former Smokers Campaign Resources and Web Site

Campaign Resources – View and use a variety of resources offered.


Press Room Access and download press materials, including the campaign press release, matte articles, disease/condition overviews, and print-ready photos of the ad participants.


Buttons Show your support for the campaign on your own Web site—send a strong message to your site’s visitors to quit smoking or never start—with downloadable buttons that share the Tips image and connect visitors with campaign information and resources.


Stay Connected Stay connected and feature Tips materials across social media channels. Share our Facebook posts. Retweet from @CDCTobaccoFree. Share YouTube videos and link to the Tips from Former Smokers playlist. Repin from the Tips Pinterest board.


Or use this sample Facebook post and Tweet on your own social media channels:

  • Facebook: CDC continues to educate people on the real consequences of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke with the launch of the 2013 Tips From Former Smokers campaign. Learn more about the participants and their stories:
  • Twitter: CDC continues to educate on real consequences of smoking & exposure to secondhand smoke with 2013 #CDCTips campaign.


Matte Articles Download matte articles about the Tips campaign—written for the general population and specific groups that can be tailored and used in newsletters, local newspapers, or medical society bulletins.


Videos Watch the Tips TV ads and vignettes to hear participants tell their compelling personal stories.


Real Stories – Read short biographies of the real people featured in the Tips campaign who are living with serious long-term health effects from smoking and from breathing secondhand smoke.


Disease/Condition Overviews Learn the facts about the smoking-related diseases and conditions featured in the campaign, including COPD, cancer, asthma, diabetes, Buerger’s disease, heart disease, and stroke.


Spanish Materials A new campaign participant, Mariano, is now featured for Spanish-speaking audiences. Many campaign materials and resources are being translated into Spanish. Check out for new content.


Spread the Word


Feature Article – On April 1st, read and share CDC’s feature article CDC Continues the Tips Campaign  on, which describes the Tips 2013 campaign to educate the public about the harmful effects of smoking and to encourage quitting.


RSS – Subscribe to CDC’s Smoking and Tobacco Use Main Feed to receive updates of new and recently changed content from CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site on your browser or desktop.


GovDelivery – Sign up to receive future email updates about the Tips campaign.


Web Site – Continue to access CDC’s Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site for helpful resources and the latest information.


Mobile Sites – Visit OSH’s mobile site on your smartphone or tablet to access key facts, quit support, and more. Toward the latter part of April, a communication should be forthcoming about the availability of Tips mobile sites in English and in Spanish.


Text Messages – Subscribe to CDC’s Text Message service to receive regular text messages about a variety of health topics tailored to your interests, such as the Tips From Former Smokers campaign.


How to Contact CDC Regarding the Campaign

Individuals who are interested in contacting CDC to ask questions or share feedback about the campaign are encouraged to send an E-mail to

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