Oregon bans smoking in cars with kids

If you’re driving with children in the car, you can’t smoke, says a new Oregon law. If you do, you could face a $250 fine.

The Associated Press

 SALEM, Ore. — Oregon drivers caught smoking in cars with kids may face hefty fines under a new state law.

Gov. John Kitzhaber signed into law on Tuesday a bill that prohibits drivers from lighting up if a person under 18 is also in the car.

The bill was the subject of a fiery debate in the Legislature.

Supporters said secondhand smoke is a health hazard and children shouldn’t be harmed by their parents’ bad decision to smoke.

Critics said the state shouldn’t regulate what drivers do in their own cars.

A police officer could enforce the ban only if the driver had been pulled over for a separate traffic violation. A maximum fine for the first offense would be $250.

The law also covers marijuana and regulated narcotics.


4 Responses to Oregon bans smoking in cars with kids

  1. A.C. says:

    Great news. If parents aren’t allowed to beat their children, causing severe bodily damage, then they certainly shouldn’t be allowed to destroy their little bodies with cigarette smoke. Adults can choose to cause harm to themselves, but they shouldn’t impose this on the children they supposedly “love”!

  2. Dale says:

    I wish they had come up with this law when I was younger, my grandmother used to suffocate us in the car with her cigarette smoke because she refused to roll down windows and we weren’t allowed to roll them down either.

  3. Vincent J. says:

    This is great! I hope they pass this law in all 50 states

  4. Gina C. says:

    This is great! I just wish they would make it so it doesn’t have to be with a separate traffic violation. They should just be able to pull you over if they see you smoking with a child in your car.

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