ASU Goes Tobacco Free

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TEMPE, Ariz. –

Arizona State University students will need to think twice before lighting up on campus. A smoking ban begins on all ASU campuses and buildings on Thursday.

Previously, ASU allowed smoking 25 feet away from any building entrance, but students will now have to find another place to take their smoke breaks.

The ban also includes the use of smokeless tobacco products.

ASU joins over 800 universities that have chosen to implement a ban on smoking.

Visit for maps of smoke-free zones on all four campuses.

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By Miguel Otarola and D.S. WoodfillThe Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News TeamThu Aug 1, 2013 9:47 AM

The long-awaited smoking ban went into effect at Arizona State University’s campuses Thursday, but how it will be enforced and how violators will be punished is less clear.

The ban prohibits smoking and the use of smokeless tobacco at all ASU’s properties, including the Tempe campus and all other Valley campuses.

The policy also applies to privately owned vehicles in the university’s parking lots and garages as well as property leased by the school, according to ASU’s website. The only exceptions are “leased university residences that have been designated as smoking.”

Before the ban, people could smoke outside of buildings as long as they were 25 feet from entrances.

ASU’s website said the ban is the product of two years of work and planning and effects all employees, students and visitors. Officials said about 800 other colleges and universities have also banned smoking.

Louis Scichilone with the ASU Police Department said police won’t be fining or arresting people who violate the ban, but officers will be letting smokers know about the new restrictions.

“The Police Department is not enforcing the ban, just educating about the ban,” he said.

The school’s website said the ban will not be enforced by the school’s police and asked “ASU community members” to inform smokers on campus if they are in violation of the ban.

“Community enforcement relies on individuals to educate one another about the tobacco-free policy at ASU and ask that individuals extinguish tobacco material,” the website said.

It goes on to say that if a student violates the policy, “the location and time of the violation” Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

“If a staff member violates the policy, contact their department supervisor.”

For more information on the ban, go to

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2 Responses to ASU Goes Tobacco Free

  1. Edwin D. says:

    Congrats to ASU for making a bold move to help the health and well-being of its alumni.

  2. Santiago says:

    Thanks for finally talking about >ASU Goes Tobacco Free | Tobacco Free Arizona <Loved it!

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