Courtney Ward named BTCD Office Chief of Tobacco Prevention & Cessation


It is with pleasure that I announce that Courtney Ward has accepted the position of Chief, Office of Tobacco Prevention & Cessation at the Arizona Department of Health Services.  Courtney fills a critical leadership role that will work alongside me to propel our tobacco control efforts into a fast-moving environment that is characterized by change at the local, state, and national levels of public health delivery, including broad-based systems change, healthcare policies and practices, and the integration of provider networks across the full spectrum of disease prevention, detection, and management.

Ms. Ward brings a successful track record that aligns with the changing landscape of tobacco control.  As the operating and funding landscapes of tobacco control continue to move toward an emphasis on policy development, systems linkages, public-private partnerships, and adherence to the rigors of the Affordable Care Act, recent successes have provided strong testimony to Courtney’s ability to excel in her new position of leadership of a dynamic team, including:

Working diligently to obtain CMS approval of reimbursement of ASHLine services for Medicaid participants;

Launching  Arizona’s first-time ever tobacco cessation campaign (CIGNAL) aimed at youth and young adults;

Leading our award-winning initiative to achieve tobacco cessation among Arizonans with mental illness;

Securing the CDC selection of Arizona as a model of tobacco control sustainability;

Achieving a seamless integration of surveillance and enforcement efforts by the FDA, SYNAR, and the Attorney General’s Office;

Developing an active statewide youth coalition (STAND) that is poised to raise public awareness and support public policy; and

Launching public-private partnerships between health plans and the ASHLine.

These are but a few of the examples of successful efforts that meet  the demands of building policies and practices that are sustainable, scalable, and measureable…..all of which must exist to achieve a legacy of high impact.

In our review process, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Courtney received the strong support of administration partners at CDC, AHCCCS, and ADHS.  Please join me in welcoming Courtney to her new role in our bureau, and know that we both stand ready to help you make a difference in tobacco use in Arizona.

Warm regards,


Wayne Tormala, Chief
Arizona Department of Health Services
Bureau of Tobacco & Chronic Disease
150 N. 18th Avenue, Suite 310
Phoenix, Arizona  85007-2602 


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