NYC council votes to make tobacco-buying age 21

October 31, 2013



NEW YORK (AP) — Smoking may be a bad habit — but New York City lawmakers want their residents to be older and wiser before deciding to take it up.

The New York City Council voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to raise the age for purchasing cigarettes from 18 to 21, a move that would make the nation’s most populous city among only a handful in the United States to target young smokers by barring them from buying smokes. It also approved a bill that sets a minimum $10.50-a-pack price for tobacco cigarettes and steps up law enforcement on illegal tobacco sales.

“This will literally save many, many lives,” said an emotional City Councilman James Gennaro, the bill’s sponsor, whose mother and father died from tobacco-related illnesses. “I’ve lived with it, I’ve seen it … but I feel good today.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a strong supporter of the tough smoking restrictions, has 30 days to sign the bills into law. The minimum age bill will take effect 180 days after enactment.

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Flagstaff Unified School District bans electronic cigarettes

October 29, 2013
October 25, 2013  •  MICHELLE McMANIMON Sun Staff Reporter
Flagstaff Unified School District has officially banned electronic cigarettes.

The FUSD Governing Board voted unanimously Tuesday to add language about e-cigarettes, tobacco substitutes, vapor products and other chemical inhalation devices to its policy prohibiting smoking in district buildings and vehicles, and on district premises.

“Although our existing policy probably effectively prohibited them, because there is a perception that e-cigarettes are not real cigarettes, because some of them contain nicotine and some of them don’t, and because they are a little bit unknown, we thought it best to specifically dictate in our policy whether or not e-cigarettes were allowed in school property,” said FUSD Superintendent Barbara Hickman.

FUSD officials have not run into very many students using e-cigarettes on campus, but there were a few students who tried to bend the rules. In the past two years, one student at Coconino High School and one student at Flagstaff High School got caught smoking e-cigarettes at after-school events. Those two incidents were part of the reason the school board decided to take a serious look at possible loopholes in their tobacco policy.

“We had a couple kids try it just to make it look like, ‘Oh, but these aren’t real cigarettes,’” said Mary K. Walton, FUSD’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction.

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Student group trying to prohibit the use of tobacco on NAU campus

October 23, 2013



The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) has been on a mission to prohibit the use of tobacco on campus. SHAC was formed in 2011 to act as a health liaison between students and the university administration.

SHAC started the initiative after conducting a poll in 2012 that found 75.21 percent of students and faculty see secondhand smoke as a concern. 65.29 percent of participants said they would support a smoke-free campus, and 58.26 percent noted they would support a policy that creates a completely tobacco-free campus.


NAU student James Musbach, a sophomore studying construction management, smokes in an approved area on the pedway. NAU is considering a campus-wide smoking ban. (Photo by Mitchell Forbes)

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October 10, 2013

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