Arizonans Concerned About Smoking Announce Health Leadership Award Inductees

Arizonans Concerned About Smoking (ACAS) Press Release: January 13, 2014

Media Contact: Philip Carpenter, (602) 751-0190 or Dr. Leland L. Fairbanks, (602) 316-1419.

We are pleased to announce Health Leadership Award Inductees for our 5th Annual ACAS Health

Leadership Award Ceremony on Saturday, February 15th, 2014, starting at 10:30AM at Porter Plaza:
525 W Southern Ave. Mesa, AZ 85210. These awards are presented to Individuals, Companies and
Institutions of Higher Learning for their Tobacco Control efforts. This Ceremony will be

The General Public is Welcomed at no charge, but to help us plan, please call Telephone (480) 733-
5864, and leave a message as to how many are in your party for attending on Saturday, 02/15/14.
Please call with your reservations by Tuesday, 02/11/14.

Name and Reason for Recognition

 Advanced Surgical Associates –  Smoke-Free Campus since 2008

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies –  Tobacco-Free Campus since 07/01/13

Brenda Serna –  Commitment to Arizona Smoke-Free Living (ASFL) Project

Talyah Sands –  Commitment to Arizona Smoke-Free Living (ASFL) Project

Connie Diaz –  Commitment to Arizona Smokers’ Helpline (AshLine)

Mesa Community College (MCC) –  ‘Peervention’ Volunteers Life Long Volunteers for  ‘Peervention’ on 100% Tobacco-Free Campus (including no e-cigarettes) since 07/01/12

American Legion Post #39 –  Gilbert Indoor Smoking Ban Policy since 09/15/13 Post #39 Merrill-Mitchell 206 N Gilbert Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234 (480) 892-7038 Comment: Providing Color Guard at Ceremony

American Legion Post #11 Douglas Indoor Smoking Ban Policy since 01/01/13 Post #11 FRED – HILLBURN Douglas 1325 North G Avenue Douglas, AZ 85608 (520) 364-5171

CarMax, Inc. –  Nation-wide Tobacco-Free Campus Policy (including no e- cigarettes) since 03/01/13.

University of California (UC) –  System-wide (10 Campuses plus Berkeley Lab and 5 UC Medical Centers) 100% Tobacco-Free Campus policies at all ten UC campuses, Berkeley Lab and 5 UC Medical Centers (including no e-cigarettes) since 01/14

Ohio State University –  100% Tobacco-Free Campus policy (including no e-cigarettes) since 01/14

US Surgeon General’s Office/US Public Health Commissioned Officers Foundation No Tobacco use policy when in uniform on duty as of 01/14.

January 2014 is the 50 Year anniversary of Tobacco Control Progress being celebrated by new U.S.

Surgeon General’s Report to be released this month. This report will feature key historical
achievements of remarkable Tobacco Control progress. This includes more and more total
Tobacco-Free Campuses both indoors and outdoors which has dramatically changed and elevated the
social norm.

The first U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking & Health by Dr. Luther L. Terry, 50 years ago in
January of 1964 overwhelmingly connected tobacco use with causation of devastating preventable
chronic disease and the clear need for remedial action. Despite early resistance from “Big
Tobacco,” ever accelerating Tobacco Control social norm changes are occurring every day. Public
rejection of secondhand smoke pollution harm to others is seen every year by communities passing
new more inclusive public & workplace & multi-unit living options tobacco bans as simply ‘the right
thing to do.”

Regarding the Health Effects of Tobacco Use there have been thirty additional Surgeon General’s
Reports that have been released since 1964. They have produced growing evidence of health effects
from smoking and second-hand smoke (SHS):

o Heart disease
o Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD)
o Cancers
o Pregnancy complications
o Pediatric diseases

Costs of Tobacco Use

· More than 440,000 Americans die every year from smoking.
· Eight million Americans live with at least one serious chronic disease from smoking.
· Cost to U.S. economy is $193 billion a year.
o Nearly $96 billion in direct medical costs.
o Additional $97 billion in lost productivity.

50th Anniversary Surgeon General Report

· In 2014, Surgeon General will release a new report on smoking and health.
· Report will cover three major topics:
o Historical and trend information on tobacco use over last 50 years.
o New findings on health effects of smoking.
o Call to action – how we can end the continuing tobacco use epidemic.

Old traditional U. S. Uniformed Services smoking behavior literally promoted addictive behavior

ultimately resulting in cancer and heart disease, by sanctioning, even promoting highly addictive
tobacco “Cancer Sticks” & smoking, as part of Uniformed Service experience. By contrast very
significant Uniformed Veterans Services American Legion Post indoor smoking bans have been
implemented at American Legion Posts in Gilbert, AZ and Douglas, AZ. Both will be recognized on

The 6,700 U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Officer’s have stepped forward nationwide. Their
new policy for role model health promotion, when in their official Uniforms on duty serving our
Country thoroughly rejects the tobacco disease sanctioning of the past & now promotes a healthier
‘Tobacco- Free’ United States Public Health Uniformed Service policy as of January 01, 2014:

No Tobacco use of any kind permitted when in USPHS Commissioned Corps Uniform on duty

Key leaders will be recognized at our ACAS 5th Annual Health Leadership Award Ceremony in Mesa,

AZ. For more information, please visit
We look forward to seeing you at Porter Plaza on February 15th, 2014 at 10:30AM

Please RSVP at (480) 733-5864 by leaving a message.

Click Here to download the Press release

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