Coconino County aims to put more teeth in ban on e-cigarettes in public places

April 18, 2014
Coconino County’s ordinance:

• Enacted in 2011

• A proposed update would expand the definition of e-cigarettes to include hookah pens and other devices.

• Individuals may be fined up to $50.

• Businesses with multiple violations can be fined up to $500.

FLAGSTAFF – Chris Azimi lounges on a park bench in Heritage Square, taking a puff from a white and green stick. It looks like a cigarette, but rather than burning tobacco it emits an odorless vapor laced with nicotine.

Thanks to e-cigarettes, Azimi, a Northern Arizona University student, has been tobacco-free for two months, the longest he’s ever gone in his many attempts to quit smoking.

“Even though it’s not healthy, it’s still healthier in my opinion than regular cigarettes,” he said.

But if he smoked his e-cigarette on a park bench outside of Flagstaff, he could face a fine of up to $50.

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New York Bureau of Tobacco Control Releases Fact Sheets on the Surgeon General’s Report

April 18, 2014

Below Find Seven Fact Sheets on different topics from the Surgeon General’s Report that provice good information and talking points.

SGR Report: Lung Disease

SGR Report: Cardiovascular Disease

SGR Report: Disease in Almost Every organ of the body

SGR Report: Tobacco Marketing

SGR Report: Tobacco Industry Tactics

SGR Report: Nicotine

SGR Report: Secondhand Smoke

Great Fact Sheet on Why E-Cigarettes should be Included on Tobacco-Free Policies

April 15, 2014

From Kentucky Center for Smoke-Free Policy:

e-cig fact sheet, univ of kentucky, 4-9-14_Page_1Click on Image for Full Fact Sheet

Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Family Health Talk Show Thurs. April 10th

April 8, 2014

SWPCFRadioShow 02 2014(120)_Page_1Click on on the flyer to get the pdf.

Video: ACAS Health Leadership Award Ceremony.

April 8, 2014