Congratulations to Heather McAlister – New FDA Lead Inspector/Health Program Manager II

Please help me in congratulating Heather in her new role on the tobacco team!

Ms. McAlister has military and government institutional knowledge as well as inspection, investigation, supervisory knowledge and experience which spans over a sixteen year time period. She graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavior, Health and Management Degree.  In her current position beginning in December of 2010, Ms. McAlister serves as the Back-Up Program Coordinator and Commissioned Officer/Tobacco Inspector under the FDA Tobacco Compliance Program contract. Ms. McAlister has conducted over 3,000 field inspections of tobacco retailers to establish compliance to federal tobacco laws including undercover buy operations with high school age minors/youth inspectors, advertising and labeling inspections, handling and processing of evidence gathered and preparation of investigative reports and other documentation as required by the FDA. Ms. McAlister has created presentations for training as well as standard operation procedures for various program functions; scheduled, coordinated, conducted and oversaw trainings for youth inspectors, chaperones, subcontractors and staff.  She has an understanding of and familiarity with State and Federal tobacco control laws, public health principles and environmental health and regulatory procedures.

Additionally, Ms. McAlister has been instrumental in developing a feasible solution to streamline tobacco enforcement protocol through the CQI process. She has been a valuable team member participating and coming up with creative ideas to solve any obstacles or problems that were presented in the CQI process. As we go forward with implementing the changes as designed by the CQI team; her vast knowledge and experience with the FDA Program since its inception will be invaluable in assuring a successful transition into our new processes.

Congrats Heather and thanks for all you hard work!!



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